What is ADF?

Ar nDraiocht Fein (or ADF) means “Our Own Druidry” in Irish Gaelic. The organization was founded by Isaac Bonewits in 1983. We are an Indo-European Neo-Pagan organization that reaches all across the globe.

Archdruid Emeritus Isaac Bonewits, known in the Pagan community as an author, editor, polytheologian and activist founded ADF In 1983. After long serving his folk, Isaac resigned from his post in 1996, leading to the selection of our first elected Archdruid. Isaac passed away in 2010, but his work and ideas continue to be foundations of our vision. (excerpt from: https://www.adf.org/about/basics/what-is-adf.html)


What is a Grove/Protogrove?

An ADF grove is any group of three or more voting members of ADF over the age of 18, who live in the same general geographical area, who gather together at least twice a month to study and practice Druidism within the context of Ár nDraíocht Féin, and who are chartered by the Mother Grove (the Board of Directors) of ADF as a local congregation. An ADF grove provides open worship ceremonies for all eight High Days, study groups for various Druidic arts and sciences, fellowship, hard work, and lots of fun. Almost any member of ADF can plant a “protogrove” just by asking. All groves and protogroves are listed in our publications on a regular basis, making it easy for other members to contact you. (excerpt from: https://www.adf.org/about/basics/qa.html)

Why do we celebrate?

We celebrate to honor the gods, ancestors and nature spirits.

When do we celebrate?

We celebrate the Wheel of the Year (commonly known as the High Holidays)

Cross-Quarter (Samhain) = October 31st
Solstice = December 21st
Cross-Quarter (Imbolc) = February 2nd
Equinox = March 21st
Cross-Quarter (Beltaine) = May 1st
Solstice = June 21st
Cross-Quarter (Lugnassadh) = August 1st
Equinox = September 21st

How do we celebrate?

We follow the Core Order of Ritual (COoR).

– Step One: Initiating the Rite
– Step Two: Purification
– Step Three: Honoring the Earth Mother
– Step Four: Statement of Purpose
– Step Five: (Re)Creating the Cosmos
– Step Six: Opening the Gate(s)
– Step Seven: Inviting the Three Kindreds
– Step Eight: Key Offerings
– Step Nine: Prayer of Sacrifice
– Step Ten: Omen
– Step Eleven: Calling (asking) for the Blessings
– Step Twelve: Hallowing the Blessing
– Step Thirteen: Affirmation of the Blessing
– Step Fourteen: Workings (if any)
– Step Fifteen: Thanking the Beings
– Step Sixteen: Closing the Gate(s)
– Step Seventeen: Thanking the Earth Mother
– Step Eighteen: Closing the Rite

For more information about the COoR please consult This webpage