About Us

The Canada East Region is comprised of Ontario, Nunavut, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. ADF members can currently be found in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Some information about the groves in our region:


From Red Maple Grove:

Red Maple Grove in Ottawa is Canada’s oldest surviving grove. Silver Fox Grove in Montreal helped launch us in 1999. We are mainly Celtic with strands of Norse. We hold weekly open conversations every Monday evening. Those coming decide which druid themes they wish to discuss. We also hold dedicant study sessions when people want specifically to study that program. Our rituals are held outside at our sacred Tree Ring near Dow’s Lake, though occasionally an extra one will be held elsewhere. Online our most active presence is our Facebook page.

About their Senior Druid:

Green (Michael McKenny) has been a member of Red Maple Grove and ADF since 1999. He was born in Ottawa and always lived there or in the Ottawa Valley. He has degrees in history, Latin and Classical Civilization. He was a student activist in his teens. He has always been interested in open minded and tolerant spirituality. He continues to favour human harmony and advancement, including expansion throughout the solar system. He enjoys reading and conversing on a wide range of topics.

From Thornhaven Grove:

Thornhaven Grove ADF is located in Inkerman Ontario, Canada, about one hour south of Ottawa on the South Nation river watershed. The Grove was founded in 2007, and provisionally chartered in 2009. Thornhaven Grove’s hearth culture is primarily a mix of Celtic and Norse, although not exclusively so. The Grove has a “mead hall” in which it feasts and gathers for inside rituals, as well as several sacred sites on the Thornhaven property, including a nemeton, ancestor shrine and a Ve. Due to its location, the Grove is geared to serving the wide-spread rural pagan community south of Ottawa, providing open, public rituals at Thornhaven for each high day. Along with providing public ritual, the Grove’s mission is to positively contribute to both the pagan community as well as the community at-large through volunteerism and fundraising. As well, the Grove works to build spiritual space by working with the spirits of the land to make Thornhaven a sanctuary and a haven for spiritual communion.

About Thornhaven’s Sr. Druid:

Julie was the Grove Organizer at the Grove’s inception, and has remained Senior Druid since it was provisionally chartered in 2009. Before that, she was part of an eclectic private group for 10 years, and prior to that, was trained within the Wiccan Church of Canada, where she learned the value of public ritual. She is one of the founders of Three Rivers Gathering- the ADF Canada East Regional gathering, as well as Red Spiral Women’s Retreat, and is a former volunteer at Kaleidoscope Gathering. She is licensed by the Province of Ontario as a wedding officiant, and has performed various rites of passage for the greater Ottawa pagan community as part of her own vocational calling. She is most interested in ritual construction, ritual as art (and vice versa), and the synthesis of the mind, body and spirit in ritual work. She believes in the “leader as servant” model of leadership, and has pledged to serve her Grove and her community in the best way she can. Her more mundane interests are too numerous to list, but include music (she sings in a choir), yoga, herbalism, history, writing fiction, and reading everything.

Julie is also the custodian of Thornhaven, a plot of land (18 acres) that is being actively naturalized and consciously imbued with sacred energy, to serve as a place of powerful worship and communion with the Gods, Ancestors and the Spirits of the Land.

From Dancing Lights Grove:

Dancing Lights Grove is based in Durham Region, Ontario. We celebrate eight High Days a year and additional rituals, participate in charity events, host classes, meet for fellowship, and support our community. We primarily celebrate in a Celtic hearth culture, honouring and worshipping the gods and goddesses of Ireland, and finding their presence in our Land. We honour our Gods of the Grove, and all of the Kindreds, throughout the Wheel of the Year.

LakeofOaksFrom Lake of Oaks:

Lake of Oaks is a small Grove located in the West End of Ottawa. We ritualize at the home of the Senior Druid, outside in the Bright Half of the Year and by the hearth in the Dark Half. Our focus is primarily Irish with respect to lore and Deity, but our main intent is local— communicating with the Spirit of our Watershed, appreciating the natural growth of the garden and local parks, and contributing by trash-picking and native re-seeding to the environment.

Our standard ritual is mostly written in poetry and fairly formal but our membership includes numerous small children, making the actuality of the rituals sometimes chaotic and noisy. We have a website, lakeofoaks.com, where our omens and our ritual format, bylaws, and philosophy are posted. On our Facebook group, Lake of Oaks ADF, one can find all of the upcoming events and commentary.

About the Senior Druid:

Judith, the Senior Druid, has been a member of ADF for some years and has completed the ADF Dedicant’s Program. She has published a small book with Moon Books Pagan Portals, ‘God-Speaking’, and contributed essays, photographs, and poetry to ADF’s ‘Oak Leaves’, the Irish magazine ‘Brigid’s Fire’, the journal ‘Beautiful Resistance’, and the blog ‘Gods & Radicals’. Although elderly and moderately handicapped, she manages to attend, if not fully assist, the environmental efforts of the Grove.

From The Nova Scotia Druids:

The Grove of Nova Scotia Druids originally formed in 2002. Three, at that time solitary, druids looking for more met at an annual pagan festival and decided the time to act had come. For the first few years, people came and went, but the three held fast to the belief that the Grove would survive. They compiled what they felt were the core ideals and requirements for this budding undertaking, and those became the roots of our organization. Later we became part of the ADF network, and have since enjoyed the hospitality, leadership, and educational aspects of that relationship.

In 2004, we performed our first ever public ritual at the pagan festival, with 227 attendees. Since then we have strived to ensure that we maintain a connection to our roots, while stepping eagerly but cautiously into the future. We aim to allow the community at large to experience our methods of worship and practice in a welcoming and interactive manner.

Today, 13 years later, we are still a small Grove that prizes a family-knit structure and cooperation. We have been guests on local pagan radio shows, held Druid 101 information sessions at local book stores, and offered coffee chats which are open to the public.